Heroin Abuse Statistics

Heroin Abuse Statistics

Heroin is one of those drugs that seem so dangerous that it’s hard to imagine anyone you know ever developing an addiction to it. But you might be surprised by how much more common heroin abuse is than you imagine. While heroin isn’t a starter drug, it’s one that those struggling with addiction may be

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Cocaine Abuse Stats

Cocaine Abuse Statistics

Cocaine is a widely used stimulant drug made from the coca leaf found in South America. The drug is most commonly sold as a white crystallized powder the user snorts up their nose. It’s also available in its base form as crack cocaine, which is smoked. Cocaine statistics may show a decrease in overall usage,

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What is Lean?

What You Need To Know About Lean Addiction Lean, sometimes referred to as “purple drank” or “sizzurp,” is a recreational drug cocktail that consists of codeine linctus (an opiate), promethazine, and hydrocodone. The substance is usually mixed with a fizzy drink containing sugar and has earned a somewhat notorious reputation, particularly among the rap and

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