New Jersey Mental Health and Substance Abuse Hotlines

In New Jersey, there were 2,900 fatal drug overdoses in 2018 alone. That’s nearly eight people every single day. This saddening statistic places New Jersey among the states with the highest death toll that year. These types of numbers take a long time to officially be released, and there are not any stats available yet for 2019 or last year, but frankly, things haven’t improved much. Just five months ago, unofficial numbers hit an all-time high for the state. Substance abuse is closely correlated with mental health, so clearly, New Jersey is in a crisis. We want to help. The following hotlines are available to all residents of Garden State, and the last two are available nationally. If you or someone you love needs help, please call whichever hotline is most suitable, and please call today.


Sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, ReachNJ is a free and confidential hotline available for all state residents to call and connect with a trained counselor. The line is geared toward substance abuse treatment, but those struggling with mental health can absolutely call. The number is 1-844-732-2465.

IME Addictions Access Center

Rutgers University sponsors another toll-free and confidential hotline for New Jersey residents. This line is geared toward addiction recovery, but again, anyone struggling with mental health can absolutely call. The phone number is 1-844-276-2777.

National Rehab Hotline

Available around the clock, 365 days a year, the National Rehab Hotline is free and confidential. An accredited specialist will answer after a few short rings and be there to help you through a substance abuse or mental health crisis. Give them a call at 1-866-210-1303 today.